Switching to Schweser

I was reading the CFAI material and finished CF, Equities, FRA, Alt and half of Fixed income…its just taking too long to read. Gonna switch over to Schweser and just do EOC and questions from CFAI…so much shorter.

are you inferring that shorter is better? i think that’s a pretty risky move… it sounds like instead you need to devote more time…

if you already did most of cfai its not worth switching…stick with cfai

Schweser (/ any other provider’s notes) + EOC is what I am doing (and it seems it is a common strategy among AFers). I consider it enough rather safe, since you can idenify from CFAI EOC any topics that Schweser potentially did not cover.

Considering that you still have almost half of the material left, I believe it is a wise choice.

I use Elan videos with CFAI next to it, to be sure that it doesn’t skip anything important.

Works fine for me up until now!

I used Schweser, got through all of the material (1st pass) last week. Now doing CFAI EOC’s and when I have questions, I refer to CFAI text, then Schweser if I need clarity. Hoping this works for me. Its basically questions and formula memorizing for the next 1.5mo then mocks.