Sydney - Roll Call

anyone sitting the exam this Sunday? checked out the venue yet?

So I watched this Discovery Channel show about Sydney Funnel Web Spiders. I’m never going to Sydney. Why don’t you people exterminate all of them? I can’t imagine living in some place where you get chased by horny toxic spiders with huge fangs and nobody does anything about it. What’s wrong with you people?

I saw a similar program about the world’s deadliest snakes. Enough to put you off going there. But from what I’ve heard it’s quite rare that you find them in the main cities.

Suppose that you are taking your CFA exam and get chomped by a funnel web or bitten by a Taipan. That would suck.

LOL… You’re quite an extremist. Like I said, from what I’ve heard you have to live in outside any major town to experience that.

It’s really clear that your chances of being bitten by a funnel web or a taipan in NYC is darn near 0. For some reason I feel much more comfortable with the notion I can be run down by some psychotic cabbie than bitten by some posionous icky thing.

hehe yeh funny you say that… my cousins from the US and Asia say they never want to come visit cos we have the deadliest everything over here… spiders, snakes, sharks, etc… hehe but then, thats sorta like saying you dont wanna goto LA cos of all the riots…

Hey, I went to Canterbury today - looks okay. Its set up already and there are a lot more desks than I expected! Hopefully the traffic is nil tomorrow at 7.30, as it took ages to get there today.