Syllabus difference between Dec '09 and June '10

Hey June '10 AFers, With my chance of clearing this time fairly slim, I would like to start at right earnest for the June '10 preparation. Can anyone update me on are the differences in syllabus/coverage between Dec '09 and June '10? Many thanks in advance.

Hi! Stalla has a great chart showing the changes in 2009 and 2010 L1 LOS. Here is the link.

Horse girl, That link include pics?

Haha Nuppal. So, how bad was the exam?

Pretty bad, almost as bad as you not linking us up with some horsey pics.

Why do they feel the need to keep adding new stuff? Isn’t there enough already?!

So they can make you pay for new books each time you fail. Nah just kidding. Well, they sort of do have to keep updating the exam… to make sure its relevant. How much and how often they add though, that’s another issue.

Will i be wrong if study for 2010 exam from 2009 books ? I guess i will enroll for exam in Feb, until then i have Schweser material…

isn’t it cheaper if you sign-up early ? why delay ? :slight_smile:

If you wrote the December exam you can’t sign up for June until results are out.