T- 8 Who is enjoying this waiting game?

We have a week left for Level III results to come out and tbh its weird but I have no motivation to do anything. So jittery. How is everyone feeling? Hopefully more zen than me.

Same here buddy, luckily I’ll be off from work for the next two weeks so my work won’t suffer.

At this point I just want to know the results, whether it’s good or bad, just so that I can move on and plan for the next step, whatever that will be.

The wait is killing me. So close to the finishing line.

What are you guys so worried about? Nearly half of you will pass, this year…



It’s helpful to hear others are feeling the same way. I’ve done this more times than I like to admit, and the wait after 1&2 results seems as long as the 8 weeks to get to that point.

Hang in there all… we’re close. One week left…

honestly, I feel like this week is an obstacle and is passing by excruciatingly slowly. damn man wish I could fast forward this week.


1 week now…


Hahaaa in less than a week, a little over 50% of us will have put the program behind us for good while the rest will have to drudge through another year of pain and misery (+ an updated curriculum as a bonus!!!). No pressure :slight_smile:

Crazy to think that in 6 days 23 hours 33 minutes I’ll either be a Charterholder and over the top happy or absolutely miserable and having another year of studying ahead.

Or six hundred thousand seconds

Might as well go for 1.2 * 1049 planck times. Stopping at seconds is for the faint of heart.

Exactly and BEST OF LUCK

I really don’t understand why we can’t talk about the level 3 morning exam. It’s going to be public knowledge anyways soon. There’s 1 question in particular I’d like to get your guys feedback on. But, like, obviously I can’t ask.

Probably just easier (and cleaner) for CFAI to give a blanket “do not discuss the exam” instead of caveating it by allowing L3 AM to be discussed.

Time has definitely slowed down since the release of L1 and L2 results. Before the release, I have not really thought about the exams. Now, I am logging in every day multiple times to both CFAI website to see whether they are going to upload results via the infamous notification “password protected accounts will be unavailable from dd.mm.yyyy to dd.mm.yyyy” and to start looking for potential implied signals whether I passed the exam. I also log in here now everyday to check new results related comments.

This exam will make me go nuts. I really really want to pass :innocent:

“this exam will make me go nuts”

This whole program made me go nuts years ago!

anyone else have a “finalize membership” payment option for $250? Is this just standard after your work experience is approved?

that is no tell. I have had my work experience approved weeks ago and had this option ever since.