T-stat for multiple regression

A little late in the game to be asking this, but I assumed I had the basics of quant (at least compared to some sections of PM/Econ)… Anyway, Stalls indicates the formula to solve for t-stat of regression coefficient is: Tcalc = b1-B1/sb1 CFAi indicates the formula is simply b1/sb1 If you need a specific example I am referring to #40 of the CFAi PM mocks.

It the man ( B1 in the above ) is zero , then CFAI is same as Stalla . Read the question carefully

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll go back and read the question, but I thought for sure they indicated the null was = 1, not zero in this case.

The general formula is Tcalc = b1-B1/sb1 The T stat that you see in the ANOVA tables is usually based on B1 =0. Hence, the formula is then: Tcalc = b1/sb1