t-statistic/z-statistic on test date

Are we going to have the corresponding t stats and z stats to plug in for different confidence intervals given to us on test day? Or are we going to have to memorize those? If so, what are they?

There’s no way in hell I could remember the t’s, but the z’s you should know are: CI Z 68% 1 90% 1.645 95% 1.96 99% 2.58 99.7% 3 I don’t know if we’ll be getting the full chart, but I believe each question has a portion of table you can work off of.

i’m pretty sure if you have to deal with any number other then what bpuldog mentioned, you get an excerpt from the tables to use.

From http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/faq/faqs_candidates.html##89 In quantitative methods we often refer to the z-table, t-table, and F-table. Will these tables be provided during the exam? No. CFA Institute will not provide distribution tables with the exam. If a question requires information from a specific distribution table, that information will be provided with the question, but the tables themselves will not be provided. Similarly, time value of money tables (present value, future value, etc.) are neither needed nor provided. The two approved calculators are capable of performing any required present value and future value calculations.

perfect. thanks!

Yes, remember the key numbers - 68%, 95%, and 99%. Once you have those down, you can add 90%, and 50% (I’ve forgotten which one is 50%). I think the exam will include a table of z-scores on the back page if it is needed… or a section of the relevant table will be provided.