T-table Z-table

For the Quantitative Methods portion of the exam I know there were times when studying where we were asked to look up numbers off the T-table or Z-table. Do you know if the exam will be similar? Or will the necessary values be provided to us?

Good question. Didn’t see anything that needed the tables on the mock. Didn’t see the tables either. I guess if you do need them, they will be provided.

The CFA website claims that no tables will be provided. The necessary information we need will be included in the exam! :slight_smile:

This is a relief. However I find it interesting that some of the test-prep material emphasize we learn how to look up t-stats and z-scores (a topic that took me a while to fully grasp) yet we won’t need to look them up on the exam. A bit misleading if you ask me.

Some questions they’ll give you the look-up values, but on others they might just give you mini-tables (i.e. 3 rows, 3 columns). You’ll need to know whether to use n or n-1, etc. and what confidence level.

There are generally conceptual questions relating to the t-, z-, p- statistics.

do we need to memorize critical values for the various test statistics and confidence intervals?

i would know 1.65 1.96 2.58 for 90%, 95% and 99% and know that the t stat will be a bit a bit wider than those. i remember it by counting 5, 6, 8 - the last 3 #s and fill in the rest through memorization/repetition.

Does anyone know for sure if we need to memorize critical values? One of the questions on the Elan mock required we know the 90% Z value but I’m pretty sure no tables will be provided.

You should know the 90, 95 and 99% for the z-distribution. Otherwise, they’ll give you like 3-4 rows from the relevant table and you’ll have to look up the value.