T.u.rd’s Corner (The Storm Explained)

Now that The Storm is upon us, I am creating this thread to shed light on events as they unfold.

The important thing is not to panic and trust that everything is going to be just fine. Nothing is being left to chance. Everything happening has a specific purpose. It is just difficult to discern what that purpose is when relying on mainstream media.

We are creating a new world based on freedom, sovereignty and goodwill towards our fellow humans. The days of slavery to a system of contrived scarcity are over. Scarcity does not exist in any meaningful way. Think about what that means. What will you do with freedom from scarcity? What should you do? What is the definition of success where there is abundance for all?

I’ve said many times it is a privilege to be alive at this point in human evolution. We now have the opportunity to earn that privilege.

Be good to one another, bros. Heaven on earth is real and it’s here. God Bless.

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Fed cuts rates to zero. It is intentionally putting itself out of business. Next step is to restructure all private and public debt and then transition to a gold backed currency controlled by the treasury.

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Hollywood has been cancelled. All of it. Forever. You will never see most of them again (except perhaps to stand trial).

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Student loans are already being zeroed out. When’s the last time you checked your balance?

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I’m expecting to see a 100% different world in 60 days like you promised in the other thread. Anything sort of that and I’m disappointed.

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4.10.20 is the target completion date of the kinetic phase.

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The virus is pretext for massive worldwide round up operations. All this for such a minor issue? Logical thinking.

Round ups are occurring. The networks that operate under middle management are large. Requires large scale operations.

Q: How do you accomplish this without causing mass panic?

A: create the same conditions of martial law under the pretense of protecting against a pandemic.


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And who, exactly, is this mysterious orchestrating party? Trump 4D chess??

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My wife’s student loan balance hasn’t budged. :sob:

*Edited because apparently quoting on this new platform is beyond my meager mental grasp

He seems like a level-headed thinker and a nice, sympathetic fella.

You’re making a big mistake Chad.

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Google is no longer manipulating search results. It is under white hat control since Page stepped down in December. People are waking up and asking questions. Google is now your friend in this process and not your enemy. This was signaled yesterday with the following search result that was up temporarily:

Happy hunting!

If you google “adrenochrome uses” right now you will get a real answer.

So, I’m sure everyone noticed how Turd’s comments immediately get a “like” from someone? Well, if I’m so inclined, I can see who that is and if it’s a dupe account or not.

Anyone want to take any bets? Who is liking all Turd’s comments? Odds on favorite is @hpracing007.

Maybe if I get really bored I’ll look into it. In the meantime please remember this: The Water Cooler hasn’t gone exclusive yet. No timeline is set on when that will happen but probably sooner rather than later. In practical terms, that means some people will not have access to the WC either because you haven’t been on AF long enough (and posted/commented) or one of the admins/mods has manually excluded you.

That last section was NOT directed to Turd. That’s just what’s up.

Should be interesting to see what happens.

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I sometimes like the most ridiculous ones. Very entertaining. Got to keep the fire burning.

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I happen to like his posts so I hit the heart.

Very sad that I’m called out for spreading love and happiness.


Google has quickly become the best source of entertainment (for those awake) and red pilling (for those starting to question). Google will be an important source of real information, real truth, as the Storm unfolds and average citizens of the world are scrambling to find answers. This was allowed to happen when the President exercised his powers under a national emergency. Google will no longer suppress the truth or steer users towards disinformation.

Don’t take my word for it. Try for yourself! While you do, ask yourself if the top results seem a bit different than you would have seen only a month ago. A couple fun ones to try:
“who actually owns the united states”
“is the DNC a racist party?”

I will add to this as more interesting ones are discovered.

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How can the U.S. recover from this? How will the average American make it through without financial ruin? How can the treasury sustain a stop gap of the entire economy AND transition us to a gold backed currency free from Fed induced debt slavery?

The answer is simple. The wealth hoarded from the people over generations upon generation by parasites is going back to the people.

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I hope you all have been contemplating what you should do with your lives when the debt slavery system is over. You will choose. Beware the second beast.

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i want to be a tiktok star.