Tablet recs

What are you guys rocking?

I have the 1st gen iPad and its slower than molasses. I ditched the iphone for a GS3 and I’m prolly going to ditch the iPad too. Anyone using the Nexus? I’m thinking about going with that, but I think they’re due to release a newer version soon. Also, how are you guys liking mini/7 inch versions compared to the 10 full size tablets? Anyone using Samsung Galaxy Tablets too?

Much appreciated.

I have a 3rd generation iPad and a BB Playbook. Although the iPad is kind of heavy, I would probably buy it again. I would not buy the Playbook again due to lack of available apps and support from the likes of FiOS and Xfinity. The comparatively small size of the Playbook can be nice at times though. I recently ditched my BB Bold in favor of a Samsung GS3 and would certainly consider a Galaxy Tablet if I were in the market, as I’ve yet to find anything that my wife’s iPhone 5 does better than my GS3 (which was 1/2 the price).

You should buy an iPad. Android sucks.

I need a new iPad. My kids won’t let me play on mine.

In terms of critical review, iPad still gets the highest scores for overall experience. Of course, there are other options. People like Google Nexus because of the $30/month no contract data plan from T-Mobile. Samsung is also not bad (although now that there is iPad Mini, they are not special any more).

I have an iPad 2 which is showing its age. I think if I were to buy again today, I’d go for an iPad mini.

I’m going to go for the new Nexus 7 when it comes out, I think.

I don’t need a high-performance tablet, as I am going to be upgrading the home desktop or laptop soon, too.

What do you guys use your tablets for? Mine are predominately used to bribe my toddler to eat by letting her watch Mickey’s Clubhouse on YouTube while she’s eating, checking the app for the next family truckster, checking the app for the next palacial estate, programing the DVR, and reading news while on the crapper. The Mrs. also uses Skype on there a lot.

Samsung 7 inch. Love it - the smaller form factor makes it easy to carry (even with a case to protect it). Very nice screen, good sound, and cheap as hell.

I use my ipad 2 a ton, usually when I’m at home for basic internet surfing on the couch when I don’t want to go find my computer, watching netflix in bed, reading my WSJ, etc. Lots of random stuff. When I travel for personal reasons I don’t even take my laptop anymore since I can do 90% of stuff on my ipad.

I recently acquired a Kindle Fire HD so I’m curious to play with that and see how it works.

Samsung announced 2 new tablets today:

I think Samsung & Google Nexus are considered the best Android tablets. The Nexus tends to have better hardware, so I think I’m going to wait for that. Are these Samsung specs considered plus-plus for a new tablet or just plus? 1.5Ghz Dual core & 1.5 GB Ram isnt exceptional anymore, right?

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1… I may be frugal in other parts of my life but I will not settle for a subpar tablet. Served me well during the exam last Saturday instead of bring a ridiculous stack of unorganized notes to read during the lunch break.