Tactfully Shooting Down Text Nonsense

I have a guy at work, high ranking guy but also a peer of mine, so no reporting lines or anything to worry about as a dimension of this. Dude is the kind of guy who texts every single nonsense thing he finds funny, most of it political, and most of it from Twitter. It’s like, I’m not on Twitter. I don’t browse Twitter, I don’t have any interest in it, at all. And I certainly don’t know or care about these “personalities” that you text me everyday about. One of these guys, he’s a satirical columnist for some magazine, I don’t find him funny. Like, to the point of becoming enraged when I get yet another text with a link to some stupid article this bozo has written. The thing is, I’ve told this person that I don’t find this writer funny. And he just continues sending article links and Twitter posts via text.

Most of the time, it’s fine, but some days I’ll get like 15 or 20 texts like this, and the thing is, the ratio of this guy texting me to me texting him is like 10 to 1. You’d think he’d get the hint that I don’t want to engage at the same level. I actually enjoy speaking with the guy, we are very friendly and have a great professional relationship, but the amount of stupid texts that he sends is crazy. I would prefer not to ruin our friendship, but how do I nicely tell him to stop clogging my text inbox with stupid sh!t on a daily basis without him getting his feelings hurt?

I’m pretty sure that you cannot guaranty that you can accomplish your goal.

Does he value the friendship? If so, maybe the tack is to tell him that his texts are endangering that. If not, maybe you have less to lose than you think.

Best of luck. I don’t envy you this task.

Start sending him SG articles and YouTube videos.

That’s just mean.

He seems to like the guy.

This is truly a novel angle that just might work. He’ll be begging me to stop in no time flat!

Yeah, thanks. Thing is, it’s only his crazy propensity to just forward everything to people that is the issue. In my opinion, it ruins his credibility. He’s like a teenager with the social media garbage.

Can you tell him that the constant texts are affecting your job? Maybe your boss has noticed? Or something?

lol 10 to 1 ratio? lol tahts worst that my dms to girls.

Sounds like he would be a great addition to our WC community.

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The way our friendship has evolved, I would be 100% owning telling him it annoys me. I don’t have something else I can blame it on.

Who sends this stuff via text? I could see it if he’s part of a broader group chat of dudes randomly posting nonsense, but one-on-one texts of this nature with a colleague is just weird.

I think I’d have to address this. Likely I’d slide in a comment when we’re talking about a work issue. Maybe after the business talk you say…”oh by the way…”. You don’t have to be mean spirited about it. Could just laugh it off and say man you have to slow that down lol. I can’t get any work done with the all buzzing on my phone. If you present it in a light hearted way any sane person wouldn’t take offence and slow down or stop the texts.

well from the perspective of the annoying guy that dms. you might be doing something that is causing him to text you. kind of like a thirst trap photo on ig.

Thirst trap photo :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks for making my day Nery

Ten bucks says he breaks up with you when you tell him what’s up.

This could be true. My intellectual goods are addicting. When I choose to or have the time to engage, people are left wanting more of my company and profound insights and opinion. But I have to be choosy with where I spend my time. There’s only so much of me to go around. And I certainly don’t want to blow my valuable attention on nonsense sent to me from some lowlife on Twitter, it’s like using a cheap mixer with expensive booze, the overall quality of thought is needlessly diluted by the incremental addition of ingredients lesser than the core.

Now, on the other hand, if he was sending me quality stuff posted by AFers…actually, never mind.

Thank you for continuing to be a regular poster. Our WC roster is getting pretty thin.

Hey man, thank YOU!

fwd him nerdys takes

that would only make him fall in love with you. no ■■■■.

Hey man, I’m out of rehab for social media and three months sober. Please stop sending me these links. You wouldn’t send an alcoholic bottles of wine, would you? Thanks for understanding