Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day! If you can change your citizenship, where would you choose?

Personally, id choose a country where the median hourly rates and net worth are high so that im richer than everyone else around the world.

then i would focus on countries where the range between the 25th percentile and 75th percentile is low so that there is a high probability of success within the country.

lastly i would focus on the hottest chicas, but i feel i would want to go in a poorer country with hot chicks anyways once i save my sheckles.

What country am i talking about? lets get discussted

the new 90 day fiance is out again! the hottest chick is this 19 yo russian who got pregnant off a fling with this 20 yo waiter couch surfer who has 0 money.

another highlight is this 32 yo white dude frat boy that is now dating a 19 yo mexican chick.

lastly is this 31 yo blonde white lady dating this 20 yo black dude. that was great! cuz the dude just keeps talking about his d.

there is also an ugly couple. this 34 yo fat white dude with glasses that is dating some 31 yobrazilian chick. the chick is not appealing, but the dude is so cheap and practical that i can relate with the dude.


Glasses guy totally going to turn into a cuck.

Sweden just because the girls are hot af there and during the summer the sun practically never sets so you can go out all night and come home while the sun is still out. Canada would be next probably just because I love Vancouver that much alone.

One place I would consider is the land of my ancestors. I’ve visited a couple of times with my parents and it holds a certain appeal to me.

I’m old enough to be Nerdy’s dad, so my lifestyle would be far more sedate and dull than his. :wink:

yeppp one of my buddies got a swede pregnant a couple years ago when she was here on a student visa. she was hawt. anyways, my homie is a deadbeat flip who was 19 i thnk at the time, but its cool cuz the kid is getting raised at another country at their expense. socialism is great!

also breadmaker, im actually a lot older than many here may think. how old are ya?

Ooooooooooooold. I remember when Pong came out.

i already did, and chose USA for the win!

Wouldn’t change it, America First!

Stand on a street corner anywhere and offer free US citizenship and watch the lines grow. People love the ole USA, no matter what the culture warriors on Fox will have you believe.

Top choices:

  1. Norway (they have a massive oil fund…about $110k per person)

  2. Switzerland

  3. Finland or Sweden

  4. Canada (I’d love to live near Vancouver)

  5. Denmark

  6. US and A



The same thing would happen to any 1st world developed country…just ask Germans or French…they have had their fair share of immigrants during the past few years, wouldn’t you agree?

The stars at night, are big and bright…

Wtf is this buttocks


Best moments of Greenman’s life, direct from his Facebook.

I would say you’re about 31?

I qualify for Italian citizenship. I was considering paying a firm to handle getting me the European passport. But I decided to wait until we see if Italy is leaving

Turkish girls are hot.