take notes while reviewing?

unitl this pt i have been fairly diligent about taking notes while reading and reviewing test questions. have filled three notebooks over past three months, probably more than i wrote some entire years in school. not sure if this has been worth time, effort, but i do feel there is some congnitive connection that occurs during process of pen to paper. my question pertains to how people are reviewing after they take practice exams? have takend three Schweser exams this week, again taking notes of questions i missed, mics facts etc. do you guys just mark down LOS’s that you missed then review that specifically as opposed to taking notes? some people new to level one may want to consider the note taking aspect because it seems at this pt i have plenty of good bonfire material and not sure how much useful studtying utility. thanks, john

John, I’m not using notes in the conventional way, but I do agree with the pen-to-paper methodology. I take notes on every question I get wrong or mark as either unsure, guess, or why during the exam (mocks or otherwise). I basically follow this process: What was my answer What is the correct answer Why was my answer wrong Why is the correct answer right Sometimes this is a four page description sometimes is a 2 sentence description. This has produced much more than simple marginal gains on my scores, it’s a fantastic way to establish a review routine. On the other hand I haven’t really spent any time reviewing them after I write them up, I just find forcing myself to go through this process helps me understand the fundamentals.

Outstanding! I really like that technique. I am going to incorporate that after I finish the mock I am taking right now. Thank you, I dig it

I have taken notes throughout the last 5 months, filled up 3 large 5 subject notebooks, and recommend it for some but not all. Did it make my study sessions much longer and tedious-hell yes but I believe it helped greatly. During my review I usually bang out a few hours in the morning reviewing certain sections (all will be reviewed), and then in the afternoon I will take a mock or just bury questions…I think it has vastly helped me as I know that I would know be able to retain nearly enough information as I did if I did not take notes.

cfacowtown Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What was my answer > What is the correct answer > Why was my answer wrong > Why is the correct answer right > > cfacowtown - I completely agree. this is what it’s about at this stage of the game. I review every question, every answer - right or wrong. If its wrong for the question it might be right for a different question - its important to know why! especially with this “least likely” and “most likely” crap. There is tremendous learning in going through my mistakes. Its amazing how easily I can identify what all the DUMB mistakes are that I’m making. I haven’t taken many practice/mocks but this is the technique I’m using until game day. I’ve done windsor exam, cfai sample, and two qbank 120q exams. 75% seems to be my magic number. Doing cfai mock tomorrow AM…