Take Schweser Mock again or?

I see it, but I keep getting error messages about. Maybe something to do with not being unable to unzip the .rar file.

If you want to email it, I’d happily pay it forward to others, as well.

hmmm, I downloaded the .rar but haven’t opened it because I’m at work. I don’t have it in email form either

Even I downloaded a RAR file, it is not opening. How to open a RAR file ? Any different software to download to open such file ? Please advise …

should open with winrar unless it is corrupt

those files are lke 20-30+ MB! Anyone successfully open one? Why would they be so big for just a PDF?

@jwn566 Even I wonder the same

Vicky how did you open the file ?

Got a 64% on the 2012. Its tough. The FRA section killed me, and I definitely need to review derivatives. Plenty of time to review etc left yet. Pushing it hard now! I’m going to keep drilling this week now and do the 2013 mock next Friday.