Take Schweser Mock again or?

So I’ll be through all 6 Schweser Mocks by this weekend, still have the 2012 and 2013 CFAI Mocks…but after that (lets say in the final 10 days). Should I re-do a Schweser mock, or just do EOC’s and review topics/formulas? I am scoring between 58% and 66% so far, but feel like I have really locked in some of my weaker points. Hope to crack 70% this weekend, as I have seen some improvement.

Why are you saving the CFAI Mocks? I would suggest taking those soon and reviewing whatever weaknesses THOSE expose.

Source: Someone who has never taken nor passed the L2 CFA exam.

You’re right, I might take the 2013 this Sunday. I just wanted to get a few of the Schweser mocks out of the way to build up my waek points before attempting the “official” mock.

attempt 2012 mock first

This is not a bad idea - warm up for CFAI-style questions before the true acid test. Nearly all of the questions are addressed in this year’s curriculum. I think I graded myself on 119 questions for it.

cgottu how many u got

eco+pm same q werr no in syllabus this time

If I recall correctly, there was one question in PM I tossed out because I didn’t recall anything in the curriculum (nor could I find anything after grading) about it. I felt like the rest of the exam was covered this year. Granted, some terms were different in, say, Econ - but I graded myself on those questions anyway because I felt that, given what I am expected to know this year, I should have been able to get those questions through simple logic. In fact, one of the Econ questions, while not in this year’s curriculum, I remember from last year’s L1 curriculum.

I was hesitant to exclude questions just because they were not clearly discussed in the curriculum. Fear is a far greater motivator than confidence.

okay, thanks for the advice. I’ll do the 2012 mock tomorrow, and if I don’t bomb it, take the 2013 on Sunday.

General, cgottu do tell ur 2012 mock scrres

yeah, I will circle back to this thread Saturday evening and post.

2012 Mock was my first test. Took it on 4/10 and scored 66% - it was quite discouraging but fueled my motivation.

mine was 64% so u did better haha.

when u giving 2013 mock

66% isn’t so bad (especially since it was a month ago). I’m shooting for a 70%…but would take a 65%. Just as long as I don’t bomb it.

Taking 2013 tomorrow.

I will give one session of CFA 2011 mock today

can you please send me the 2011? m1man05 at yahoo dot com

much appreciated!

bhaim download from vividbook.net


Vicky or thegeneral (or anyone), I would greatly appreciate the 2011 CFAI Mock Exam. Email danny.schoenecker @ gmail dot com Thanks much.

go to that site vicky referenced a few posts up. its there!