take test in order, or do preferred sections first?

Are you guys taking the test in order or will you skip certain sections and come back to them later?? what is the best strategy?

Personally I prefer to just start at the beginning and go to the end. I don’t like skipping around. Besides, Ethics and Quant are two of my best sections.

is it actually possible to start out with FSA?

Just start at #1 and keep going. Why try to figure out some weird strategy? You are much less likely to mess up your answer sheet going in order.

I’m thikning of skipping the time consuming tedious ones for the end, and getting the word problems out of the way

I, also, prefer to start from the beginning and go to the end. That’s how I’ve been taking the practice exam and it has worked well for me. I initially go through the practice exams answering questions I know for sure and marking questions I have no clue about. Then I later go back to those hard questions if time permits me.

The test is complicated enough as it is. Why make it harder by skipping around?

JDV hit the nail on the head: don’t do anything that’ll cause you to get 120 bubbles out of order. You will be pressed for time as it is. And if you’re not pressed for time, then it’s because you know the material so well that figuring out clever schemes for completing the test are not necessary.