Take the exam or push?

Hi all~ I am tracking to complete (maybe) 280 hours of study before taking the Level III exam on February 21st. I KNOW THIS IS LOW. I can’t decide whether I should push my exam to a later date.

On the one hand, I miraculously passed the other tests with less than 300 study hours and difficult situations. I studied for Level I while pregnant and took the exam a couple weeks after my baby was born. While I was studying for Level II, we moved across the country, sold/bought a house and started new jobs. My family keeps pushing me to just finish it as I’ve succeeded before.

BUT this exam just feels different. I’m pregnant again, have a two year old, and am working close to 50 hours a week some weeks. I’ll be able to take off the week before the exam (kind of…there’s never really a day off), but I’m concerned that won’t be enough this time. The nausea/fatigue/brain fog might just get the better of me this time.

It would just suck, because I can’t imagine scheduling the Level III again until well after this new baby comes…maybe this time next year. Sorry for the rant, just a mama looking for some advice as I lose my mind. Please help. Thank you!

You might as well give it a try. Do the best you can studying and then take the test. If you pass, great! If not, you have a foundation of knowledge to build on next time (whenever that is).
Plus I’ve never counted my study hours through any of the exams. It’s not about quantity, it’s about putting in whatever amount of time it takes to understand the material. Especially for level 3.

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