Take your time (during the test)

Just wanted to throw out a reminder to take your time and read each question and answer thoroughly. Last night I took a practice exam; missed a couple easy questions because I didn’t notice the wording of “least likely”. It was my experience that the CFAI practice exams move much more quickly than Schweser. Time shouldn’t be an issue… use it to your advantage. Tiiiiiiiime is on your side, yes it is.

tell me about it… i reckon its also good to read every single answer option… it be be obvious that (A) is the correct answer, but you could find that (D) is a MORE CORRECT answer

So the test will go a lot faster than book 6. I’m having a tough time finishing and it is also causing a lot of stupid mistakes because I am quickly reading the questions… any advice.

I completely agree. Reading the question slowly & then reading “all” answers adds 4-5% to my score (at least from CFAI sample exams ). Since exam won’t be as calculation extensive as Book 6 , I think it will leave us some time. I am planning to strike out every option that I feel that is not answering the question correctly & then choose the answer from remaining options. Exception :- calculation based questions.

I agree with goel_ar. I took two sample exams and the first left me pissed because I missed a number of questions I knew the answer to, but didn’t read fully. The second test I only had one dumb mistake. My score was about 8% higher on the second exam. Don’t burn up a lot of time on ethics either. Nobody likes to hear it, but I think you either know the answer when you finish reading the passage or you don’t. Deliberating over it for a long time just robs you of time you could spend crunching through another problem where you could reasonably end up with a right answer for your trouble. And that ethics question that left you deliberating will likely end up as a guess anyway. (Hopefully none make you guess, just sayin’ …)

since we are on the ethics topic, i see that there is some debate on AF as to how to treat additional comp. some people observer schweser seems to think its ok if an employer written consent option exists, other would prefer to choose the option that says the person violated outright no matter what. wat say you wise folks?


This thread is discussing the same thing:- http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?11,638318

AHA that certainly clears it up. thanks ln1234

surprisingly, not all the questions are tough. Sometimes (at least it happens to me) if you know the answer right away you might be thinking: nah, something must be wrong, it can’t be that easy. And you start to go over again, double-triple checking, wasting your precious minutes. The thing is CFAI doesn’t try to trick us with every single question. It’s easy only because you’ve invested enormous amount of time.