Takeaway food survival options

Lets face it, this close to D-day there’s no point wasting time cooking. After a mis-judged decision to get Italian food tonight (you forget how stodgy it is), I’m keen to find out what country’s culinary delicacies are folks currently enjoying?

I love this post as I am pretty hungry right now tonight it will be sushis while reading Fixed Income and Derivatives Bon appétit!

Trader Joe’s has a lot of good pre-prepared stuff you can just throw in the oven/microwave.

I’m going for sushi too can’t wait. With a sprinkling of pm…

deeeeaad pocckkkets!

chicken and zucchini…glad steamer bags are the best.

just took down a double Cheeze from the BK Lounge… Im sure that doesnt help with the packing of the pounds due to this exam…

potato chips and cereal bar from vending machine.

Get my wife to make something.

Bagel Bites . . . I love these things

pb on wheat

make ur bf / gf / spouses cook for u hell u r takin one important exam !!

Hot and Sour crumb chicken from Garden State Chinese for tonight… yummie!

I know the Quiznos menu better than I know Time Series.