Takes a long time to happen so fast To realize that your future is somebody else's past! Dan Loeb 2005 email

On the one hand, it’s too easy to dismiss Dan Loeb as a pompous a$$ dinosaur who thinks that more testosterone and more swagger automatically equals better investment results.

On the other hand, who the hell replies to a principal who is directly corresponding with you about a job offer in this manner (“it does not interest me to move forward in this way…”). What a tool! Dude just gave you an opportunity to hit a softball on those European questions and you’re cagey about it…for no reason? Already, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t hire this applicant myself. In life, when opportunity strikes, you’d better be ready. Seize it, and be bold. To do anything else is for the losers.

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If the applicant was currently employed and there is no NDA it doesn’t really make sense to start pitching ideas over email. That’s just dumb. Either way, stupid ■■■■ measuring contest and both have done just fine for themselves.

Edit: actually, NDA or no I would have declined in a more gracious manner. This guy may have had a lot to lose (don’t know, but I think he was running a reasonably large fund) and the cost/benefit seems skewed to Third Point.

must be that F*ck you money. both are doing fine but loeb did muc better.
third point aum is 15b. plus loebs nw is about 3b.
other guy i think peaked aum at a billion.
its rough, but thats almost the same aum as greenlight. very sad how much greenlight has fallen… in 2014 their aum was 12b, now its just 1b. einhorn nw at 700m.

Bump, for Mexicoke.