Taking away the freedom of citizens


“Louisiana law to ban sex with animals wins Senate vote 25 - 10”

"New Orleans Senator JP Morrell says it’s important that the state has a way to arrest someone for having sex with animals.

He told fellow lawmakers, “God forbid you vote against this bill, good luck explaining it.”

Ten senators did vote against it."

I guess the law advanced despite the best efforts of the goat rape caucus.

So we’re clear, keeping animals in horrible living conditions, killing them, and butchering their body to be consumed is fine. Stick your penis in one and it’s against the law. Seems about right.

only if you intend to eat the animal - otherwise its cruelty to animals. although the way you speak of this makes me think you really want to stick it to a goat

yea in the future, humans will have to learn how to live a life of integrity and eliminate these contradictions. I’m working my way towards vegetarianism.-- started by eliminating animal products from breakfast and lunch. this is all part of conscious evolution. the ******* hippies were right again. ****** hippies.

lol, but not dinner?

haha 2/3rds vegetarian?

is it hard to understand what “working my way towards” and “started by” means?

ooooo someone is in a pissy mood this morning :wink:

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This law seems very one sided.

not anymore! drop dat a$$!

It’s kind of like voluntary poverty - just be poor half of the time, and you can go clubbing and whatever the rest of the time.

i think the issue is if you are just cruel for the fun of it, then there should be laws against you because very likely you are just a cruel person that may even do cruel things to other people. but animal farming is for a greater good that feeds people and makes the world a better place for us humans.

lil dicky actually touches on this subject. he explains that humans dominated the world hence it is our right to extract whatever from these animals. i am in full agreement. we won they lost to the victor go the spoils. gimme my kfc.


the problem with this line of thinking is that it is rooted in older, less evolved consciousness. If we want to evolve spiritually as a species, we have to understand what is required and hold those requirements as ideals. That doesn’t mean we have to completely change everything about our food production immediately or we’re going to hell. But it does mean that we should continually be working on ourselves to move closer to our more evolved ideals.

honestly i cant wait until we can get all we need every day from a pill - some days when im sitting at home on a weekend and cant think of what i want to eat is a waste of time. certainly food can still exist to enjoy but for lunch id rather pop a pill full of all the vitamins & minerals & jazz you need that also handles calories needed and hunger.

unlikely to happen in this lifetime sadly but would be awesome when available




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^id be down for that.make food less good so we can make people less fat so medical expenses go down as well/

anyways here are stats on animal:


ace lol i saw that episode. con artist all the wya

”No, I’m that against us being gluttonous Thinkin’ that animals live on this earth to get eat” “Okay, is it how we treat them?” ”Uh, that sure doesn’t help” “Okay” She like, ”I’m not opposed to us hunting But now we not trackin’ them down We just breed them to eat, that’s disgusting You should honestly read on the subject” “Alright, hold up Just because we’re not running around with a bow and arrow Doesn’t mean we’re not hunting these chickens We just set the place to do our hunting intelligently enough To manipulate these animals and get them to do exactly what we want” ”That’s my point, we just incubate animals Instead of just letting them live how they come” “But, that’s just your God at work, bitch Why we go hard on EarthWhat you think would happen right now if you left my place And there were like three wolves waiting for you?” ”Wolves?” “Bitch, they would tear your ass up! Viciously, like, they would eat your *******”And your pussy “That’s what they do” And your face and shit “Humans are smarter, bitch, that’s what we do”

Twist: humans are technically a type of animal. Sex is outlawed.

Star Trek: it brought you the cell phone and the tablet computer- just wait for the food replicator!

Shout out to the 10 freedom lovers who voted against this draconian nanny state regulation.

Lab grown meat will be sweet