Taking CFA L1 in Dec, need a study group in Brooklyn

Hi all, Here is the deal, I took L1 exam in June and didn’t pass it by a small margin and therefore taking the exam this December. I am at the point where I will be taking tests from various sources from now until the end of this month. I’m, looking for a person or a few people who have read the books, taken the tests, but possibly don’t quite grasp some concepts. We will be there to help each other on some of our weaker points. It all comes down to how many problems you have seen and done, and thats what I intend to do. If you have Schweser book that perfect because we will on the same page. I live in Brooklyn and have the Brooklyn Library near Prospect park(Grand Army Plaza). Its quiet and perfect to study at. If the commute doesn’t work for you we can arrange something else. If this plan/strategy works for you, email me and we will connect. Thanx and good luck everyone…

Sanyai: I would be interested in partaking in a study group for December exam. I have read the Schweser notes and am quizzing myself. However, I live in MD. Would you be open to discussing over the phone? I might be in NYC for a review session on the 17th.

Hey Donski, We can certainly try, if we have issues on given problems we can also email each other and then discuss. Here is my email. Sashamak@gmail.com Also where do you sign up for the review session on 17th? That sounds really good, what are the details?

Sanyai: The review session was sponsored by 7 city learning. This weekend I am also attending a mock exam and review session by Stalla (since it’s in DC near me). At the moment I am answering questions in the Schweser online question bank and quizzing myself there. I’m starting off at asset valuation. My e-mail is donski@yahoo.com. Let’s keep in contact so that we can help each other pass.