Taking Days Off

Are you guys studying everyday at this point? I tell myself that I am going to study every day until the test except Fridays. But then, nights like tonight, i start reading my notes and I just cant get into the zone, and I wonder if I am doing myself more harm than good by reviewing material that I am not going to retain as well. I took a 120 comprehenseive QBank test yesterday and scored 79. I feel pretty good about that given that I have 5 weeks to go. But now I am lying in bed watching TV feeling guilty that I only got one hour in tonight. Fortunately, thanks to my employer, 17 of the 32 days until test day, I will not be in the office and have the full day to study. What is your study schedule like, and do you feel really guilty like me when you take a day off?

man, i was watching american idol today thinkin the same thing

i was watching football… there is more in life than CFA

I am balls to the wall til test day. I have my off-days marked, 2 for weddings and 1 for a bachelor party (man am I gonna drink). Other than those I plan on logging time every day. With that said, I am a bit behind and this may be necessary for me to catch up than you. Bottom line for me is that there are 30 days left, playing paintball and boozing will be there in 31 days.