taking entire exam at once or taking sessions at different times?

For time purposes I am not able to the take entire exam at once, what is your take on splitting up the exam into the different sessions?

I would definitely go for replicating the real exam conditions as much as possible. If I were you, I would do 3 hour sessions without being interrupted and without water and food.

Without bathroom breaks either!

Without sex breaks with girlfriend either!

So… you actually eat lunch during the lunch break?

You get water during the real exam and the option to leave the test center for bathroom breaks, presumably you could access food as well. So that doesn’t make any sense.

Last time I was too busy with doing something else than getting water or taking a bathroom break. I managed to sit twice for 3 hour sessions during Level 1 exam without water and bathroom. Not that hard.

My bet is on pushing my limits. I think, you, too, will agree with training yourself for worse conditions, so that you can be relaxed during the real exam.

They let you out? We have to poop with the doors open in Denver.

Yeah lol you are kidding…I hope. Except last 30 mins. Can’t leave then.

yes I’m joking - I’ve never actually done that. But, if I ever needed to. No open door would ever stop me from staring the proctor straight in the eye with every single ply square of toilet paper I rip off.

You cant eat, drink, sneeze or use the bathroom. Any of the above is a disciplinary violation!.

You are only allowed to write (with an HB pencil) and use your approved calculator.

just do the problems. do them everywhere you can.

if you can squeeze one out while you take a crap, then do that too. (pun intended)