Taking Exam at The Sheraton in NYC?

Just wondering how many people are taking it at the Sheraton in NYC? In the past, I took my exams in CT and there was always a post exam happy hour. Does anyone know if there is anything planned after the exam?

I am sure most people are planning a happy hour, they just dont have the balls to mention it now.

I’d guess so as well.

I am in Dubai where alcohol is more difficult to get than drugs (at least if you want it for home use not a pub). I had a friend bring me a bottle of Vodca and its been sitting on the shelf for 2 months.

Going to come back from test, take the bottle down to the pool, and get wasted like a homeless bum. If someone got a problem with that, I will say I just came back from CFA Level III, google it sucka.

Nice! Enjoy, I’m sure you have worked hard and deserve it.

good for you. make sure you dont drink it while soaking in hot tub.