Taking Level 2 in China

Hi, Does anyone here know about taking Level 2 in China? I heard that the pass rate for centers in China for Level 3 is horrendously low at 25%. Just thought if that applies to Level 2 as well and if taking the Level 2 exam in China could be at a disadvantage. Thanks.

I am a chinese. for level 3 exam, i believe the observed low rates in china is because of written english skills for majority of people is not adequate. on the other hand, chinese people pretty much are trained professionally to nail down any sort of exams. hehe good luck, I will be writing in Vancouver

There is no disadvantage - the loss passrate would be ascribed to language skills and comprenhension. In some instances I can barely understand the requirement. I really feel for those candidates for whom English is not their first language. African passrates (excl. South Africa) are also in the 20% range if I remember correctly.

Thanks for the replies. Yeah I was just afraid that MAYBE people who are grading the exams will be like “oh these piles are from China”. Guess it doesn’t really apply to Level 2 then?

all they see is the scantron