Taking Level III again....

So I took level 3 in 2011, came very close to passing. Taking it again this year.

Can I use the same CFA Institute books from 2011 and 2012 or have they changed the material? Last time I did a comparism of 2011 and 2012 books and saw that virtually nothing had changed. I want to use my old bokks because I have written notes and highlights on them.


I wouldn’t if I were you. Redoing the notes and highlights will help you retain the information better.

2014 is different from 2013. Some sections were eliminated.


2011 is a while ago, just study as if you have never studied it before and use fresh books and fresh pair of eyes!!!

Thornton Melon: Hey, you guys get everything you need?

Jason Melon: Oh, yeah, we got it.

Thornton Melon: Good… Hey! What’s with the used books?

Jason Melon: Well, what’s wrong with used books?

Thornton Melon: They’ve already been read!

Jason Melon: Yeah, and they already been UNDER-LINED, too. Get it?

Thornton Melon: That’s the problem. The last guy who under-lined them, he could have been a maniac! Hey, get these guys some new books. Huh? Get some new books, will ya?

If you are going to do it again, do it properly. Be fully committed. Study the new books and put in the time.