Taking Level One Test


I am sitting for Level One at the end of November and have a few questions for those of you that already took it!! I am a paper and pencil type of gal, so am trying to understand how the computer format works so I can be mentally ready!

  1. Can you skip questions and go back to them later?
  2. When you enter a section-- are all the questions from the same topics or are is it all random (ie. in a section you could get quant. with Corporate finance vs. only quant. questions)

Thank you so so much!!


Yes, you can. You may want to check this tutorial:

or alternatively, click on the tutorial link found in

as for 2, it would make sense that the questions are in random order.

by the way, good luck! if you keep a consistent study schedule and sleep well, you’ll surely pass :slight_smile:

This is so helpful. Thank you so much!!!

You’re very welcome!

Greetings friend! Yes you can skip questions and/or flag them, and come back to them later.
When you are working on a vignette, all questions will be from the same topic. On level 1, they are short independent questions I believe still, they are not multi-question vignettes. So there will not be multiple questions from one fact pattern, each question has an independent short fact pattern. On levels 2 and 3, where you have vignettes and constructed response questions, all questions from a section will be on the same topic.

Kaplan offers a good computer-based testing (CBT) simulation exam for every level. It’s not the most difficult mock you will take in my opinion, so as a study tool it’s perhaps so-so… but it’s still worth doing to get comfortable with the Prometric format and how questions are presented, how you can navigate back to skipped questions etc. They do a pretty good simulation of the Prometric experience in my opinion. This CBT exam generally becomes available about 1 month before exam windows, it used to be the Kaplan exam administered by local CFA societies prior to everything becoming computer-based.

Cheers, good luck, you got this :+1:

@Greybeard_The_Elder Thank you!!! Super awesome

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