taking notes

yesterday I was contemplating if I should take notes. whats the point of taking notes 2 weeks b4 the exam, isnt it a bit too late? then I decided what the heck and started taking notes. I finished notes for SS 6-7-8-9. Tonight (until morning) I will try to finish 10-11-12-13. So it will take me about 3 days to finish taking notes of the SSs that I want. I think it was very helpful, since in addition to taking notes I made a complete review of SS 6-10. if anyone else hates writing as I do, and hasnt taken notes yet, its definately worth the time and its not too late at all. only problem is my index finger hurts a lot.

writing helps you to remember things … i am still scribbling things down .go for it. good to practice writing for the AM exam!!

i didn’t take notes in L2, but I’m doing it as it may improve my handwritting.

for the AM part I dont intend to takes notes for these SSs but when I do practice exams (starting in 2 days) I plan to take the essay questions seriously and write the answers as if submitting to a grader. by doing so when I check the actual answers I can better see what is missing in my answers.

Me too! I just started taking notes for L3. It’s an excellent review of the material, and it’s also re-acquainting me with writing by hand again :slight_smile: