Taking off work before the exam

How much time before the exam do you plan on taking off work? I’ve heard some people say none some say two - three weeks What do you think is necessary?

well think about it this year, if you are taking it in december, you probably have thurs and fri of nov 25th off that week anyways. most people i know take 1 week off. depends how ready you feel you are. so that would give you 10 days there.

That’s my plan. I will leave on Wednesday to go home for Thanksgiving. Come back to my place either Friday night or Saturday morning. I’ll take a week off work and that should give me seven solid days to cram.

similar plan here. last day of work pre exam is monday the 24th. quick trip home for thanksgiving, and all books all the time after that.

I wouldnt even look at the material the day before the exam. 2 days before skim over all the books and read the areas that you are unsure of. For me these were the highlighted areas. The day before I read ethics twice cover to cover and that was that. This test is very doable

I’ve booked 5 days out of my annual leave for the week prior to the exam.

I’ve also booked one week off prior to the exam - that’s the best I can do with my annual leave allowance! Stalla say that there is a decent correlation between people who take off at least 1 week for review before the exam and those who pass - sounds like data mining to me.

I am taking 3 days from work: The 26th, so that I have a 5 day weekend over thanksgiving. And the 4&5, just to do a final overall review.