Taking some time off

Does any one feel like me that you need to just take a break from this constant studying In the last week I have reviewed corp finance and alt investments and quant. this final week I just have to go over ethics and re target the big two areas ( rquities and accounts) I have done five past papers this week alone and have scored between 75 and 80 in all. They were all taken to time as well as I locked my self in my office and asked my colleagues at work to time me and tell me when the exam is over. (I had designated study days from work) I am just saying this because I really need advice, I have been at it constantly every weekend and most week nights from January and I am now feeling a little drained. I guess I am asking permission from the forum to take the rest of today off, relax and get back at it tomorrow given that I still have five full days left with no work this week for me Any way, needed to type, guess I will go and look and maximum drawdown and VAR now. Bye

get some relaxation man, sounds like you’re ahead of the game with those tests, i’m not even cracking 60% yet!

Just by being on the forum and posting that you are burned out should be enough to tell you that you need a break. If you’re not in the right mindset to study then take that break.

u r doing good. You do have the right to relax

I’m taking the rest of this afternoon off and plan to play a round of golf tomorrow. Trust me man, you do not want to burnout early in the final week.

Kick up your feet man. Treat yourself. lol