Taking the CFA Level 2 Exam right after college graduation?

Is it possible? I think I ran across a thread on here that stated that you could petition to take the CFA Level 2 right after graduation? Is this true? Would in make sense to take Level 1 in June before senior year, or during December of your senior year, if it’s true? Thanks for the help.

I dont know if its possible, but why would you want to do that? Enjoy your senior of college, have fun go out party etc. There is no need to have LII done with 0 years of experience. It wont do much for you and youll waste your last year of college studying all the time. Why not take advantage and enjoy your senior year, try to get some experience and then move on to level ii?

Hi dude. You need to graduate from college before signing up for CFA L2. The deadline for CFA L2 registration is in March, so if you have a spring/summer graduation date, you will likely miss the L2 registration cutoff for the year of your graduation. Otherwise, if you can make the schedule work, then why not. I considered taking L1 in college, but decided that advanced college classes were of much higher quality, and therefore more worthy of a graduating student’s time - particularly since this might be the last opportunity for you to take any college classes. However, if you really believe that passing L1 before graduating will be beneficial to you, then go for it. I don’t buy the “enjoy senior year” philosophy. How many washed up AF people post here that they wish they studied harder in college?