Taking time off job

I know within first 3 months is a no-no. But what about 4-6?

Few days, who cares, whenever. Not the first month or so, but it should be a big deal. Probably wait 6 months before taking a one or two weeks unless it was discussed in advance (like pre-existing booking).

congrats on the new gig

You’re somewhat at an advantage to take a mini vacation right now. You’re learning the culture and staff but yet not are burdened by a shitton of work and responsibility which at times makes taking a vacation difficult.

if you don’t suck at your job that seems fine


Congrats mate.

I’d say 4-6 months is fair game for 1 to 2 weeks and I’d personally have no issues with taking a few days within 2-3 months but then I’m a foreigner who is used to almost 40 days off a year.

As an aside, how inconvenient is it when you start a new gig and have to be on your best behaviour with things like this?

It’s a pain, it’s like when you’re dating somebody new and can’t really be yourself yet.

When I started my new job in November I took a week off around Christmas but I told them in advance because it was an already planned family trip. I then didn’t take any real time off until May.

I’d say month 5, and it was sorta pre-planned (promised the GF/family, etc).

Ask your boss. Ask when things get really busy (quarter-end, for example) and when things are slower. Just be thoughtful about it and it should be fine.

I had a two week vacation scheduled prior to taking my new job (4 months in). i asked before accepting the offer if it would be fine. I’ve always subscribed to honesty, just ask if you are unsure and youll be fine.

Good ideas, I’ll ask when I’m 3 mos in just to be safe.