Taking time off to study need reason to say at work

I work in a non-financial field and will be taking time off from work (as vacation). The people at my work are very friendly, so they will be asking me the reason as to “where are you heading off?” I don’t want to say them that I am going to vegas. Though they don’t really know that I will be gambling a 36% chance to win into “pass” percentile.

So I wanted to get ready with an answer when they ask me. Can you guys share your experience as to how you have handled or will be handling this kind of situation?

I worked in the non-financial field when I started. I just always said I was going to study. Some of them looked at me kinda funny. Made me feel kinda small.

Now I make twice what they make. Makes me feel kinda big.

Just say you are attending a wedding.

Tell them you’re helping to fix healthcare.gov.

tell them you’re getting surgey, a hair transplant. If they say: but you already have hair.

Then reply with: it’s not on my head

This thread reminds me of a madtv clip from a long time ago…


it’s an excuses machine.

Say something religious and invite them to come along, if they have any sense they’ll back off and stop asking questions about it.

Buy an urn from your local funeral parlor and pour some Gold Medal flour in it. For effect, sprinkle a few droplets of water in there so it gets all “clumpy.”

Put it on your desk and go about your business like there isn’t an urn there. When somebody asks where you’re going, change the subject to the urn and start getting emotional about your friend who you had to “put down like a sick animal,” “you’ll miss him so badly,” etc. When they ask what happened to him, stop crying and immediately deadpan – “The mother****** didn’t know when to stop asking me questions about where I was going for vacation.” Then, with absolutely no perceptible emotion, immediately get back to whatever non-CFA-related donkey work you’re currently doing.

Added bonus: you can also use the urn to quiet people that are asking you, “what’s in the urn?”

What studies made you gain twice as much as what your old colleagus made? CFA?

I remember you said in another thread that if time could fly back, you wouldn’t start the CFA program (if i remembered correctly).

Did the designation really add lotta value on your career then?