taking time off

some of you argue taking a lot of time off (>1wk) before the exam. is that the strategy you followed on the lvl 1/2? i never took time off for either lvl, not even half day. but this exam is v different from other lvls, so not sure if there is a validity to taking time off.

if you can take time off, do it, it certainly won’t hurt and can only help

I’m taking the week off. Never took time off before. The week is crucial to me because I did not begin studying until February, and I still haven’t finished the readings. If you are already into the final review / practice test stage of your preparation, the week off isn’t a big deal.

yeah, i started end of feb. done with Schw. reading and past CFAI exams. reading second time and doing end of chapter CFAI. i will take the sample test this week to get a sense of weaker points. it feels that nothing is enough…

I’m taking the next three days off work, just bought a new surfboard and there’s some serious wind forecast:) Back on topic, I think it’ll clear my mind as I just started the past papers from the CFA website and my confidence is a bit shot…

For level 1, I went away less than a month before the test for 3-4 days without any materials, I think it actually helped b/c it gave my brain a rest and let the stuff sink in :slight_smile: