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Name one book you consider the bible for each asset class: - FX - Bonds - Commodities - Volatility Not really interested in equities. There are some obvious choices.

volatility - tucker maxx

Good topic. I would also be interested in opinions of AFers. I recently read “In the House of Money” and it covered all of the topics above. . . not in great detail but it was an interesting read.

Bonds: Fabozzi

Bonds- Crescenzi.

I’m waiting for AF’s choices on FX

maybe not the bible but weeither’s “A practical guide to the FX markets” is a good introductory FX book

I did my thesis on the commodities and unfortunately I did not find anything convincing to call it a “bible” but this one: http://www.amazon.com/Trading-Commodities-Financial-Futures-Mastering/dp/0131476548/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1243357071&sr=8-2 Pretty complete, round on all commodities and their specificities + explanation on strategies For volatility, I would propose: “Volatility trading” from Sinclair - read it already twice but a loooooooot more to learn during a third time Paul

For commodities I would recommend Futures:Fundamental Analysis by Jack Schwager. I have not read this yet but it came out last year: The Handbook of Commodity Investing by Frank Fabozzi.

Good stuff people, keep it coming. Has anybody read Teweles & Jones - The Futures Game? Supposedly has a section on the fundamentals that drive every futures market from commodities to fx. Would be interested to hear any feedback on that one.

thanks for the reading suggestions, i think i’m gonna look into that FX book. can anyone recommend good readings on equity derivatives trading?

from graham

the problem I find is that I read heaps of interesting sh1t but forget it pretty much instantaneously. I’ve thought about making notes as I read a book, but I’ve always wondered if: a) is my life that boring that I can afford to spend time noting stuff I read, and b) what would I do with my notes anyway?

Surely taking notes from useful books is helpful to implement good trades and make superior investment decisions… from graham is one of the obvious choices I referred to in my original post… lets hear from some less obvious choices. I’m going to stock up on some of the above mentioned names (after my own due diligence)