Tales of woe @ L3

The L3 guys I saw at my centre were pretty plained-faced to me. I guess everyone puts up a front at the centre, then get here and… http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?13,771811

What frightens me more is that it seems these posters averaged 500-700 hrs for their studies…how harder could it be (either way)?

The morning wasn’t necessarily hard, it was the volume of questions that was ridiculous. I don’t know anyone that finished the exam. Until you experience the pressure you are under due to the time constraint, you won’t understand. The most frustrating part was there were a bunch of smaller scale questions I just had to leave blank because I didn’t have time to answer them. Can you imagine the feeling driving home, answering those questions in your head and the frustration of not being able to put the answer to paper and get the marks that might make the difference between making that drive for the last time, and having to do it once more.

Now I’m like how did I get in here…usually I don’t quit programmes like this if I don’t finish…can that work here the way it is…