talk about confidence booster

I just finished the BSAS mock exam…and I know that the exam won’t be this easy but these scores were my best so far…always good when it is your last one before you take the exam AM 83.33% Pm 90% Total 104/120 for an 86.67%…hell yea!

Nice work!

Holy smoke!

haha, I guess you won’t be in this section of forum next year. Good job man

You go girl.

I think the BSAS exam is really a wonderful preparation. It appears structured to test your understanding of core ideas without throwing a lot of muck, so I find that I am able to learn the logic, and struggle, and then for things I get wrong, the solutions lead me in the right direction. BSAS are much easier than the exams out there though - watch out. The CFAI Sample exams (i did 1,2,and3 are brutal!)

I could use easier at this point. You’ve persuaded me to crack open the exam I bought two weeks ago and take it. At this point the confidence will do me more good than whatever little I could learn in the next 36 hours.

Maybe BSAS is a mere confidence builder this year. It’s too bad I took it b/f Mock 1. I scored in the 70’s on BSAS, 76 on Sample 1 and 20 full % points lower on Mock 1. I haven’t seriously studied since Mock 1 two or three days ago (trouble is looming). Nice scores jeremyb. Best of luck plyon. I understand you got a bit of motivation from your wife. I got a similar motivation from my wife (only she said something to the effect that I can take it 2 or 3 or more times until I pass…reality set in).

Can someone tell me where the BSAS comes from. More to the point: how quick can I get it?

Say what you will about this BSAS exam, but I took it last night (my first and probably only mock). Printed a 90%. I needed that. Seemed alot more representative of the real exam than any practice exams I saw at level I (really). And consider the profit motive the CFAI has in making their mock / sample exams very difficult (with way too much broad coverage of topics not likely to be tested). When people do badly they study more and then come back and buy another exam! CFAI wins twice – people study more and they pay more. (24 hours to go. I can justify anything at this point)

wow - nice one plyon this is a link to bsas website. has three papers (i think) u can purchase.