Tampa CFA Level II Study Group

Hello, was wondering if anyone studying for CFA (any level) wants to meet up to study in the Tampa area. I work at Raymond James and Live in Tampa but generally study on Ulmerton at RJ Headquarters or the UT library.

I am studying for June Level II after passing December Level I.

Studying for the June 2013 L1 and would love to meet up if you’re still working on any levels. I live close to RJ headquarters in St. Pete.

Hey guys, I just started studying for Level II in June 2013. I live in Tampa bay area and would be willing to meet for study sessions and or discussions. Hit me up if you’re interested, I really want to get this done by June.

awesome - def trying to get motivated and in a study schedule - my email is jkha8@yahoo.com. Email me with your preferences/availabilities.

Hey, recently got my L1 results and plan to take L2 in June. Am definately interested in getting together to study… I study everyday except wed & friday… evenings during the week and the better part of the on weekends… not sure how to msg you directly to give you my e-mail. let me know what works. -G