Target Mock Scores to Pass?

I, like most I expect, am drilling through mocks and questions at the moment.

I tend to be acheiving around 65-75% on most mocks. Am I going to stuggle, as I’ve seen people on the forums getting 80%! Is there a target you should be aiming for?

The mocks I am doing are CFA mock (AM 72% and PM 68%) and Schweser mocks from the book (average c.65%-70%) although I found these more challenging.

70%+ you pass.

So far I have taken 8 only CFA Mocks. Last results were above 80% (both AM and PM session).

I currently doubt if I should tomorrow take AM and PM common 6 hours exam or Schweser CFA Mock

for the first time. The problem with CFA Mocks are repeating questions which implies that above results maybe should be adjusted.

Any recommendation is welcome.


8 times only AM ? What ? You repeated the one on the website 8 times?

8 times AM & PM each time.

Now, I plan to take AM&PM common 6 hours (there is such solution on CFA web).

And I don’t feel that taken exams number is “only” given my concept of study.

I google for opinions and there are different conclusions which one is better CFA Mock or Schweser Mock.

I consider CFA Mock more relevant but now I would take Schweser or mentioned CFA common mock tomorrow. Since it will be the last Moch which I will take before exam at Saturday, what is the better choice for tomorrow, CFA common mock or Schweser Mock? Appreciate your suggestions.

The ‘only’ was to clarify the question, nothing else was implied. I ask because the second time I attempted them I got 91%, mainly due to the repetions. So I was clarifying what you wrote and what I understood were the same thing.

OK, sorry about my English. This is not the first time that was the reason for misunderstand.

What is your suggestion regarding above, appreciate your opinion?

No problem. If you have not attempted any schweser mocks till now, then I would suggest you to stick with CFAI. There will be some repetitions in the full mock, but at least 80% questions should be new. You dont want to get discouraged if you get lower marks on schweser, of which some probability exists if you are attempting it for the first time. Plus I have read that the questions in the real exam are worded and structured the same way as the website questions, so deviating from that in the last few days may not be helpful.

Gigaloo, with the CFA mocks, I only see the one on the website under Mock Exams, do you just take that again and again, and it will automatically change questions? I assumed the questions were all the same if you retake it?

Thanks Gigaloo. I found similar opinios as you mentioned in last sentence on web (various internet forums including old posts on this forum). I will proceed with CFA L1 full common 6 hours Mock tomorrow.

One question more. If you have already taken common 6 hours mock, maybe you know wether they interrupt me if I would take 15 minute pause after 120th question filled? I ussualy spare about 30 minute time by each AM and PM session. I feel free to take pause after 120th question beacuse it is not the real exam conditions to write 6 hours without pause.

They are about 30 questions at least which are repeating. Overall exams are not same each time.

Ajp11. They change every time you take them. All topic tests and mock tests.

I dont remember any interruption or option for pause. Same as you I had time to spare, approx 40 min after 120 questions, so I took a break while the clock was running.

The full common mock, is this on the website or is this a live mock exam you are taking? Am I missing somthing?

Log in to your account on CFA. Under Topic Test (and Mock Exam) session, you will find each topic session and at the bottom AM session and PM session Mock separetly and option AM & PM in common. So far I used all of above but common AM & PM 6 hours Mock which I considered as overkill but maybe it’s good mental training.

Thanks, yes I am the same as you, I have done all but the AM and PM one (albeit, I have only done each one once). Perhaps I should have focused more on these than on the Schweser mocks. Not much I can do now, Fitch have also just put a couple of Mocks up on thier website so I plan to do those too. Running out of time to get through them all, I just hope my scores start pushing into the 70’s!

Each individual is different. Over the course of 3 levels, I’ve seen people on AF saying they got 75+ on mock but on exam result day,the same people say they’ve failed it.

Don’t worry too much about the mock score. The CFA material is so broad that they can come up with 10+ different exams that have no overlapping material. Just remember to go back and review material you got wrong and move on.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten 70+ on any CFAI mocks but I got 70+ on every topic, minus ethics, for all 3 levels (excluding Level 3 AM essay section)

OK, buddies. Many thanks to all for sharing experience and opinions. Since I calibrated myself to CFA on line tests not Schweser, I will proceed tomorrow with this common form CFA Mock.

I know that sucess of mocks cannot guarantee passing a real exam but it’s a good practice and mental training.

waaatt you can retake the CFA Mock on the Institute’s webiste and the exam questions are different each time?! To think I was about to pay 150 for 3 more Scweser Mocks before the test this saturday… Thanks!

The mock were not totally different, only few new questions, its just that the numbering of the questions is rearranged, and you don’t have the same question as No1 in the previous mock.