Target score ?


my strategy for level 1 was to spend the less time on books (actually i watched videos only) and do a lot of mocks and qbank, targeting a 70% and 80% score respectively.

I think this becomes more dangerous for level 2 (at least the book part, I will try with videos and if I need, I will read the books later)

but how do you recommend to practice for the exam ?

Qbank ? Mocks ?

If that’s a good way to practice for the exam, what would be the score one would need to target to be comfortable taking the exam ?


In my humble opinion, Q-bank serves only as a means to drill particular concepts in your brain for L2 as most of its questions are not in item set format. For L1, I used the CFAI EOC questions as a supplement to Q-bank. For L2, I have been focusing on doing CFAI EOC questions and the CFAI topic-based practice assessments, and supplementing them with Q-bank and Schweser EOC questions.

I think if you’re consistently scoring above 70 on mocks, you should feel comfortable…though, i’ve never taken the L2 exam, so I would err to the opinion of those with experience taking this beast in that regard.

In level 1, I read thru and took notes in the margins for all books - went back and typed up all notes in LyX with all formulas handy - periodically browsed thru my notes before going to bed (approx 120 pg) - worked thru all EOC’s consulting notes when necessary - did not start mocks until 2 days before test and scored high 70’s on all - passed lvl 1

I intend to employ exact same tactic with the minor change of typing my notes up after each book

Will be happy to score anywhere in 70’s on mocks

Q-bank is a waste of time for L2, forget it, it’s actually detrimental. Q-bank questions take less than a minute to solve, just plug and chug. You will spend 3min per question on the actual exam, so do the kind of questions that require that much time. EOC + 6 mocks from 3rd party + CFA mock sounds good, you could stretch to 9 mocks from 3rd party, but that’s expensive.