Target study hours

I realize we shouldn’t base our level of confidence or success around hours of study, but I am curious what everyones target is? Actual heads down in the book hours. Toilet time doesn’t count.

I’m currently about 280 hours in and expect to hit 500+ hours by exam day. At my current average hours per day and with the remaining days to the exam, my sheet projects that I’ll hit 466 hours, but I always put in more hours in the final month so that will rise north of 500.

My target: enough to pass. If I take a mock and don’t get 100 then keep studying…

That’s my mentality but was curious.

Do you mean like taking the same mock many times over until you score 100%? Even if I don’t know 50% of the curriculum I can score 100% in a mock merely by memorizing answers from multiple attempts.

On the other hand if I have mastered the curriculum fully I do not expect to score 100% in any test.

What exactly is your strategy trying to achieve here? :slight_smile:

180 now, target 550,