Tax Formulas (bequest, relative after tax value, tax free gift) PWM

Not really looking at these too in depth as no questions from 2008 - 2014 AM include significant tax calcs to be made (unless asked in the afternoon which I would not know about, and not expect anyone to tell me about if they passed years ago or are retakers). I am just trying to perfect areas I am really good at rather than trying to memorize something I doubt I will recall the day of the exam

Anyone else in this same boat?

Hasn’t even been tested… sounds like prime test material

^ yep.

Just remember this:

FV of gift / FV of bequest

I think Schweser had a really good tax question in the AM of their first exam. I know no one really likes their level 3 mocks, but that one was good since there’s no CFAI tax questions to practice

gambler’s fallacy!

just memorize the formulas. it doesnt take that long (except for tax free donation), and you dont want to lose points because you didnt