tax payer paying for the bailout?

I was just thinking: Why does everyone keep speaking about the bailout being financed by the taxpayer?.Where is any new tax money being raised to fund this. The govt is already in deficit -and there is clearly no new tax funds coming into the treasury.I dont see how the taxpayer is funding this shindig. The ones who are going to foot the bill are the wage earners via inflation.Even those who arent paying taxes(the poor) will be paying up via lowered purchasing power of the dollar. Everyone pays.The Chinese pay by holding debt denominated in dollars worth less.The whole freaking world pays. So why is Paulson and everyone so concerned about the US tax payer?.Isnt anyone bothered about the wage earner?

You are right that every US$ holders pays. The rich are more likely to hold other currencies, so they will pay less percentage-wise compare to the rest. :slight_smile: