Taxes Types and Investment horizon

What are the types of taxes that consume a greater share of investment growth as investment horizon increase? i.e don’t have a flate rate but increase in percentage as investment horizon increase.

Calculate and you’ll see for yourself.

Caroline, with all due respect, you are creating several new posts to ask questions in the same subject, some of them which require calculations that clearly someone will ask you to do it yourself since it is the reasonable thing to do. By creating several new posts on the same topic, you push old topics to lower positions, decreasing the chance that someone will read them. It would be great if you reconsider how you use the forum

Imacedo, please note that if I knew the answer I would not have posted the question in the first place. In all cases you can move to the earlier pages to see older posts, it will consume you less time than writing such a post.

I was not implying that you should know the answer, but to test for the countless examples that you are requesting yourself. For this question specifically, did you try calculating what is the after tax value of an investment both with accrued taxes and capital gains taxes for 10 and 20 years, and for 5% and 10% returns pre tax? that seems a reasonable thing to do and would also save you the time you spent creating 4 topics on taxes when you should, at a minimum, created just one with ‘Taxes questions’ on the subject. Wish you all the best until and after the exam, though!