Taylor Rule

While trying out the practice question for Economics on the Cfa website, There was a question on Taylor rule for calculating a Central Bank’s intended policy interest rate based on some parameter but this formula or rule or never mentioned in Economics.

Has anyone else noticed this because I think this a little bit unfair if this is an indicator of deviation from the curriculum content.

Did not see it on the Kaplan’s material. For L1 they did the same on their website q-bank with calculating Fisher’s and Laspeyres Index. Further, there were a lot of mistakes on their mock exams and their answers; hope they improve this to have a stronger preparation for their exams.

Im wondering the same thing

Taylor rule used to be in the econ section but now is on the PM section, which is reflected in CFAI and schweser.

It was in Econs and PM in 2017. For 2018, it has been taken out from Econs. You still gotta learn it.

Taylor rule is in the economics and investment markets reading #50 in the PM section