Taylor Swift is a Man!!!

I’ve been saying it for years, but this pic proves it.

No way, fake news!

If she’s not currently a man, she used to be.

ban this bozo

I don’t think Taylor posts here.

igor = T Swift?!


So higgmond. What you’re saying is that you spend a lot of time listening to and watching taylor swift videos, eh?

I actually do end up listening to her a fair amount, as my 7yo daughter likes a couple of her songs.

That is the future, each new generation will feature daughters whose jawlines are sharper, bigger, stronger and they aint need no man

U.S. only or all around the world?

Us and northern Europe.

All countries where being a single mom is seen as a normal thing. If government is guaranteeing the baby’s wellbeing why would any woman care about Timmy, the diligent charterholder? They would rather chase Drogon the exciting barbarian. Selective breeding works with all animals, why not humans?