Has anyone here ever work for OTPP? What is the culture like? Any idea what the junior analyst level interviews are like?

Great people there, we some times work together with them on some investments. Don’t know anything about interviews but judging by the analysts I’d say it’s quite laid-back.

Not sure about OTPP, but I’ve worked at CPPIB (and possibly going back) if you want to know more.

what are the compensation and hours like at the canadian pension funds?? I suspect its below your average buyside firm??

I was doing a four month coop there. Hours varied around 8-10 per day, so pretty laid back in general. Not sure about the assoc/mgmt level compensation but most likely below your avg firm… coops are cheap labour.

“coops are cheap labour” said by a true waterloo student so what are you in actsci or math/biz ?

what can you contribute to the bottom line that warrants paying you more money?

From the people I know, OTPP pays very good for co-ops.

were you in the front office? not that i’m on the buy-side but 8-10 still sounds a bit light

i hate actsci, no interest in calculating when ppl die for the rest of my life i know a few ppl working at OTPP, except for they’re not in finance, they’re in comp eng/sci, but they find the tech dept really relaxing i wasn’t in FO/MO/BO, i was in reporting/compliance/operations OTPP/CPPIB has higher pay than coops in Scotia Cap… and their hrs are 10+ … its really depressing and the US is going downhill… stock up in bread and guns, Cda’s going down with it