Tears over Mock Exam #1

Smokinhot, it will never work between us. I almost married a hot asian woman, we dated for like 3 years. She broke my heart. Decimated me. It turned me into a shell of a man for like 2 years. Can’t go though that again. The moping around and crying would annoy the crap out of my pregnant wife and daughter.

I was just joking, I’m not Asian at all! Brunette, half Persian half Irish, long hair. You’ll figure it out, Plyon, be sure to say hello! At least I’m getting some comic relief from this thread, it’s better than moping all day about my last score. I actually felt confident about passing until I took: dun dun dun dun Mock 1.

smokin’hot Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I was just joking, I’m not Asian at all! > … half Persian half Irish, long hair. Honestly, half Persian / half Irish could cover just about every non-African American woman I know, given all the possibilities this could entail. Makes it fun. Seriously… on Friday send a post with what you’re wearing on exam day (down, Smarshy!), and I’ll find you.

don’t worry!!! My friend failed all the practice exams last year and passed Level 2… plus, look on the bright side, now you will know all the stuff you didn’t do well on in the practice exam… and… we still have a week left! chillax!

Don’t worry, I got 51% in level I mock, but managed to pass. So work on your weak points.

orm and pvt… thanks for those (back on topic) points. I’m getting crushed reviewing derivatives right now.

Half Persian? Can you even say that? I mean when was the last time Persia even existed? That’s like saying half Mesopotamian…

Both of which fare much better since 1979 than saying half Iranian … which isn’t very meaningful anyway because the country known as Iran comprises various ethnicities.

South Park 300 parody: Narrator: “Rauf Xerxes. He sat atop a gold Hummer with customized Gucci accessories which only a Persian would think was cool.”

btw, just got a 63% on the first schweser a.m. exam. sucks, but i got similar scores on the level 1 on the thursday before that exam. i’m hoping a couple more practice exams and some secret sauce will net me a few more points.

I’m with you on Mock 1 scored at 53% as well. Amazing after scoring 73% on Sample 1 and 2 that I can score a 53%! I just don’t get it anymore…

Is there a way to see the answers and the questions after finishing the test? I finished and got a PDF of the solutions (without answers). Do they expect me to remember every question on the test off the top of my head?

Is there a way to find out which questions I got wrong?

So i did the first CFA mock today and got a 68. Made a few stupid mistakes on ethics and derivatives. Got one right on the first accounting question 16% Got a 100% on the second accounting and on F.I The remainder were between 50% and 83% Honestly, I was a dissapointed but I’m glad I made these mistakes especially now. After reading many posts, seems like many of you felt the same way. It would have been nice if I got about 75%, that would have made me feel much better. I felt it was different from schweser for sure in terms of format, more qualitative "so many porter 5"and less number crunching. I was a bit surprised though since after i did the 2006 questions from CFAI books, I thought the real deal would at least look something like it but i guess i was wrong. For any repeaters out there, did anyone take the practive CFAI mock exams and thought the actual exam easier? I know how everyone is feeling right now, 5 more days left and this hell will be over. I will do my best and whatever I get i will be satisfied with cause I know there wasn’t much more I could do given my work schedule and all. anyways, just needed to vent and i know many feel the same way. best of look to all

Londongq Wrote: > For any repeaters out there, did anyone take the > practive CFAI mock exams and thought the actual > exam easier? No mocks last year, just samples, 6 of them (the 3 now were there last year) the one thing mock #1 showed me, if I’ve reviewed the area…bonus: 67-83 No review…I S*CK!!! 16.67-41 for the record: I hate swaps

Just completed Mock 1 - got 71%!! really disappointed! I have been getting around 80 is all Schweser Practice exams and CFAI sample exams. Also, I was not familiar with a few of the questions since I just used the Schweser notes to prepare for the exam!! Any repeaters… how is the level of diffculty of the mock exams compared to that of the real thing last time around? Any tips?

Don’t be so down, I think a 71% is passing. I would die to have that.

never mind guys … wrong level :P. I’m level 1.

i got an 83. i will say, much of this exam seemed similar to last year’s exam in level of difficulty.

smokin’hot Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Smarshy, your posts always have some kind of > deviant twist to them. You put a smile on my > face, that’s awesome. > If you take the exam in Westchester, look for the > hot brunette, 5’5’, 105 lbs- the one sweating > bullets, that’s me. Westchester, IL? I’m originally from there.