Tebow to the Pats?

Greenman’s GOATs - Lombardi, Landry, Brown, Halas.

I’m kinda undecided about Noll. He did beat Landry in the big game twice, but I think he had more to work with. When the Cowboys were an expansion team in the league in 1960, they might have been the worst team in NFL history. By 1965, they were competing with Lombardi for the NFC championship.

Note–I will admit that I probably have a Cowboy bias.

I’m just kind of musing here. I’m by no means a football scientist, but…

Has anybody here ever seen a 6-man football game? I wonder if a 6-man style offense would work for Tebow/Brady.

FYI - In 6-man, the person who takes the snap, a.k.a. the quarterback, is not allowed to advance the ball. Once he gets back to the line of scrimmage, the play is dead. Basically, the “quarterback” gets a shotgun snap from the center. The “quarterback” then turns around and pitches the ball about 10 yard back to the “halfback” who can then throw the ball.

It’s a kind of bizarre system, because in an 11-man format, it would essentially take two quarterbacks and one running back. Presumably, you would have five linemen and three receivers.

I wonder if anything like this would work in the NFL. Basically, it would be a strange hybrid of the wildcat offense and a traditional offense. Tebow takes the snap, and can either run the ball or hand it to a running back. Or, he can turn around and pitch the ball to Brady, who throws it.

This would create pressure on a defense, because a good QB like Brady would force them to spread out, while a good inside runner like Tebow would force them to go big. Also, Brady would start out 15 yards deep already, so he’d have a good view of the field, instead of having to take the snap and drop back 6-7 yards.

lol, I was waiting for that.

How many Super Bowls has he won since SpyGate? (Hint: none)

Does it matter? Dude won three in four years. Went to two more since then.

Is there any other coach that can brag the same thing? How many rings does Shula have? Bill Walsh? Tuna? Gibbs? Landry?

I think Chuck Noll has 4, and Landry/Shula/Walsh all have 3.

If he only won by cheating, how have the Pats been so successful since Spy Gate broke?

I don’t define success as simply being competitive, and it’s been 10 (+ or - 2) years since the Pats have won the SB, and the fact remains that he got caught with his pants down cheating. Not saying he’s not a good coach, but I don’t have to like or respect him.

No one said you do. I personally can’t stand him, but believe it’s ridiculous to call him overrated given the consistent success of the Pats both before and after Spy Gate. Since the Pats’ last SB victory, only 2 other coaches have been to the SB twice, Mike Tomlin (1-1) and Tom Coughlin (2-0).

If winning the SB is all that matters, Marv Levy should be removed from the HOF.