Tebow to the Pats?

The title says it all.

and he thought he got no playing time with the jets.

Is there any possible way he gets any time on the field in New England?

The best thing he can do to his career is to go to the CFL. Win a few MVPs and championships and then comeback to the NFL. It worked to Flutie, Garcia and Moon.

It remains to be seen if he makes the final roster.

He has had his entire life to learn how to play QB and hasn’t done so (high character huh?). But he’s going to do it now while trying to make an NFL roster?


Difference is that they were pretty good quarterbacks to begin with. Tebow is not. He really doesn’t belong on an NFL field–at least not in the quarterback position.

If they used him as some kind of “utility” back, then that might be a different story.

Maybe he replaces Gronkowski as TE.

^Yep. Gronk has an injury history and Bill won’t want to pay up for a skill player.

I think Belichick can convince him to play something other than QB.

^Agreed. If Belichick can’t make him into a quality player, he’s done.

If only America’s Team had the “infrastructure” and lack of drama that the Pats have, they’d be the Yankees of the NFL. Sigh…

Belicheck is overrated. But I guess it’s taboo to mention that. Wake me up when there is another team playing .500 in that division.

^ I’m not much of a Belichick fan, but to say he’s overrated is kind of ridiculous. I don’t care how weak your division is, Belichick has taken his team to the AFC Championship 6 of the last 10 years, winning 4 times. The 6 appearences is more than most teams in the AFC have had in their entire existence. Even the much celebrated Ravens have only advanced to the AFC Championship game 4 times. He also has as many SB victories as those overrated coaches Gibbs and Walsh.

How can he not be overrated if he is considered the greatest coach of his era and in debates as the greatest of all-time? You can only go down from there.

^ Then who’s the greatest head coach of his era? (1999-present) Coughlin? Billick? Dungy? Cowher? It’s not even close.

And besides his work with the Patriots, the stuff he did when he was DC with the Giants is remarkable to say the least. How many defensive coordinators have their SB game plan in Canton?

Yeah but he also had LT and TB…possibly the best to ever play in their positions. He may be the best in the 99- era, but we’re talking “GOAT”…

^I don’t think anybody’s saying he’s the GOAT. But FT just said he is “overrated”. And everybody else is pointing to the past 15 years or so, saying there’s nobody else in the past 15 years who can compare.

If you want to talk GOATs, you have to look at Lombardi, Landry, Halas, Knoll, Shula, Walsh, and Tuna. Does Belichick compare with these guys? I think so–he has a similar record to the Cowboys of the 70’s and the Steelers of the 70’s.

Just look at the past 13 years. I think their record is: 3 Super Bowl victories, 2 SB losses, and 4 AFC Championship losses, 1 loss in Divisional round (to eventual SB champs), and didn’t make the playoffs twice. (I think I’m missing a year in there.)

EDIT - @Palantir: who is LT that you’re taling about?

In my book BB is a notch below in the GOAT discussion:

  1. Lombardi, Paul Brown, Halas (GOATs)

  2. Walsh, Gibbs, Noll, Shula, Landry, Belichick

I don’t think Parcells and Jimmy Johnson are in the same category.

LT =Lawrence Taylor

Anyone been to Canton? Damn, so many pending things to do in my bucket list.

I love football, but I can’t say I have any desire to go to Canton. Not sure what I’d get out of it.

Edit: Tebow sucks.

That is no way to talk about Black Swan’s mancrush.

I would have to move Chuck Noll into the GOAT category given the fact that he has 4 rings.

I’ve never heard anyone suggest that he’s the greatest of all time, or even in the discussion.